Accounting & Business Expertise

We specialise in taxation, audit & assurance, business services, superannuation, and foreign investment. Our clients know: We go beyond accounting.

We go beyond accounting.

Our partners openly interact and share their expertise and experiences with each other and their staff. Our solutions are thus extensively tested and collaboratively improved.

A half-century of experience.

Established in 1964, our firm has grown at a progressive rate and is driven today by a team of dedicated partners and a strong network of managers and support staff.

We serve clients of all sizes.

Our clients, from large corporations to individuals, each represent several years as advocates of the firm. It is our aim to keep them and our new clients smiling for many more.

The Partners

We are industry leaders in accounting, taxation, and business services. Our team takes pride in providing the highest quality services available.

Accounting & Business Services

We offer a wide range of accounting services. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We go beyond accounting.

At Mitchell & Partners, we go beyond the traditional accounting framework to achieve the best commercial solutions for our clients. We strive to do this with integrity, professionalism, and care; qualities that we trust will enable our clients to turn to us, as genuine and reliable partners in business.

We are structured to best service the broad needs of each of our clients. We do not assume any single specialty, but rather, choose to develop a breadth of expertise, enabling us to offer our clients a multi-faceted approach to their business.

Taxation Services

The nature of taxation consulting has changed drastically over the past decade. In the past, staying abreast of technical and legislative changes was adequate for achieving favourable outcomes for clients. Today however, a greater depth of understanding is required if we are to offer superior solutions. A genuine understanding and appreciation of the commercial drivers behind a client's business is fundamental. We present the best range of practical options, highlighting the issues and preferred recommendations.

Our Services
- Preparation and advice on income tax, fringe benefits tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, payroll tax, GST, and land tax.
- Assistance with taxation law compliance and administration.
- Tax effective structuring for small to medium sized businesses.
- Superannuation advice and structures.
- Business succession planning.
- Corporate and international taxation advice and related services, including transfer pricing and debt/equity rules.
- Taxation advice on trust structures including unit, discretionary, and hybrid trusts.
- Tax litigation support, including prudential audits.
- Year end tax planning.

Audit & Assurance Services

Our work provides a vital link between shareholders, management, and other users of financial statements. A thorough understanding of the environment in which our clients operate, the control procedures they adopt, and the systems implemented, enable us to identify actual and potential problem areas. Our success comes from being proactive in protecting the interests of the shareholders or members.

As auditors, we recognise the importance of maintaining our independence and objectivity at all times. Our Partners and staff are well trained and experienced in identifying and overcoming issues that may arise during the conduct of an audit.

We provide services to all types of businesses including public companies, large private organisations, educational institutions, subsidiaries of multinational companies, and non-profit organisations.

Our Services
- Ensuring compliance with statutory obligations
- Internal control reviews
- Assistance in the design of control systems
- Taxation compliance audits and asset verifications that may be required by financiers
- Trust account or superannuation fund audits
- We are also able to assist our clients with valuations of possible acquisitions, due diligence tasks, and independent expert reports where required

Business Services

At Mitchell & Partners, we are committed to providing quality service to our ever-growing client base. It is our friendly and efficient work ethic, attention to detail, and willingness to incorporate each and every client into the Mitchell & Partners family that sets us apart from most other accounting firms. Whether it be the large manufacturer, the foreign investor, the 'mum and dad corner store', or the individual who needs us, we have the range of taxation and accounting services, coupled with vast experience in all areas, to get it right the first time, time after time.

Our Services
- The most suitable vehicle or taxation structure in which to conduct their business
- Income tax effects on the business structure chosen
- The implications of other taxes such as pay-roll tax, stamp duty, GST, capital gains tax and fringe benefits tax
- Financing
- Business activity regulations
- Estate Planning: planning for the effects of disability or death
- Succession planning
- Opportunities for government assistance

We also recognise that the life-blood of the business community in Australia is small business, and small business is a significant part of our firm. The relationship we have with our business clients is, and must be, very strong. They rely on the accuracy and timeliness of our advice, to navigate them through the myriad of complex and ever-changing legislation.

To ensure their compliance, our clients need to know what to do, when to do it and the impact these changes may have on their business. Knowing our clients' businesses, growing with them, and providing them with the services they need - when they need them - this is the essence of ‘beyond accounting', and reflects our own professional and family values.


As the Federal Government continues to introduce measures aimed at encouraging Australians to take responsibility, and act decisively, to achieve their own retirement fund outcomes, Australians today are obliged to deal with complex retirement issues. Many of our clients are now very much retirement-focused.

Mitchell & Partners provides a range of compliance services for self-managed superannuation funds including the preparation of a fund’s financial reports and annual return. All partners of the firm are  registered Self-Managed Superannuation Fund auditors.

Superannuation advice, including advice regarding the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds and pensions, is available through MP Advisory Pty Limited, a service of Mitchell & Partners, and a corporate authorised representative of GPS Wealth Limited ABN 17 005 482 726, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 254544). Please refer to our Superannuation advice page for more details. | Privacy Statement | FSG / COMPLAINTS

Superannuation Advice

Owned and Operated by the principals of Mitchell & Partners, MP Advisory can provide superannuation advice including:

- Establishment of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
- Using a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) to invest in a property within a SMSF.
- Strategies regarding Concessional and Non-Concessional Superannuation Contributions
- Superannuation Pensions
- Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategies

For further details regarding how MP Advisory can assist with your Superannuation and retirement planning, please contact the Mitchell & Partners office (02) 9392 8686 or

MP Advisory Pty Limited ABN 44 609 453 769 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 1238985) of GPS Wealth Ltd ABN 17 005 482 726, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 254544

Jared Pearson is a sub-authorised representative (No. 1239052) of GPS Wealth Ltd ABN 17 005 482 726, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 254544

Kenneth Fung is a sub-authorised representative (No. 1239003) of GPS Wealth Ltd ABN 17 005 482 726, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 254544

Glenn Merchant is a sub-authorised representative (No. 1242433) of GPS Wealth Ltd ABN 17 005 482 726, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 254544 | Privacy Statement | FSG / COMPLAINTS

Foreign Investment

Australia has always been a popular destination for foreign investors. Our politically stable environment and favourable economic conditions continue to encourage international property investors, and entrepreneurs, wanting to establish or expand their business in new markets. Foreign investment is equally well regarded by the Australian government and business communities alike, and as such, offers the astute investor a wealth of opportunity. Mitchell & Partners offer a unique advisory service geared towards assisting foreign investors to make the right investment decisions. By having worked closely with a range of clients in the past, we are able to offer valuable insights into what works and what doesn't.

We advise clients to contemplate their investment strategy with careful consideration of factors such as location, product quality, return on investment, and prospective long term opportunities. We help facilitate this process by ensuring that proper and due consideration is also given to the setting up of appropriate tax and legal structures. After all, commercial returns and capital gains should not be impaired by the lack of poor long term planning from the beginning.

Other Services

In order to go beyond accounting we also provide the following services:

- Registered office facilities
- Lodgement of company transactions with ASIC such as share transfers, share splits, director appointments and resignations etc.
- Training, Setup and/or Bookkeeping services of accounting packages Xero, MYOB and Quicken.
- Setup and compliance of Private Ancillary Funds, whereby clients can create their own charitable foundation with a high level of control

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